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2023/24 Spring TWCL Umpires

Cricket NSW are now seeking Umpires for the Spring TWCL competitions. Spring TWCL Competitions will be held from October to December 2023 in the following locations:

  1. Manly

  2. Parramatta 

  3. Inner West

  4. Sutherland

Umpire Registrations

By filling out the below form, you are registering as an Umpire for the TWCL Spring competitions.

TWCL Umpires will be paid an honorarium of $40 per match. 

You must be aged 16 and over to be a TWCL Umpire.

You may register to umpire multiple competitions in spring. Ie. A Tuesday Competition and Thursday Competition.

The Role of a TWCL Umpire
TWCL umpire will be required to arrive at the ground at 5.30pm for a 6pm match start time. TWCL matches will be completed by 7.30pm each week.

TWCL umpires will be required to bring match equipment and set up the fields each week. TWCL Umpires will be required to BOTH umpire and score matches each game. A phone or tablet will be used to digitally score the matches whilst umpiring and provided if needed.

Training and Education
There are no requirements or experience required for Umpires. Prior to TWCL Competitions commencing, CNSW will provide training for umpiring and scoring at Cricket Central to all registered umpires.

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