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Frequently Asked Questions

1 / Where is the TWCL being playing in Season 2023/24?

Pending the interest from players through our Expression of Interest form, we will create TWCL competitions across NSW in the inaugural season.

Leagues will be advertised at specific grounds in those areas and players should expect to be playing at the same ground each week.

2 / When does the TWCL start?

For Season 2023/24, the TWCL will run our Summer season is expected to start in late January 2024.

Seasons are 8 weeks in total including finals.

3 / How much does it cost to play?

Between $80 to125 per 8-week season per player. This cost includes the National Registration Fee ($22.50) which covers player insurance for a 12-month period.

4 / How competitive is the TWCL?

The TWCL will be scored, statistics collected, a competition ladder and a final. There may be a mix of abilities within the playing groups. We envisage that the TWCL will cater for those that enjoy the competitive aspect of team sport but have a social element to the matches before, during and after matches.

5 / Are there training sessions for TWCL?

No. If teams wish to train or connect outside of matches, it will need to be coordinated by individuals and teams.

6 / Do you need to wear protective equipment while playing TWCL?

Due to nature of the ball being used 'Kookaburra Super Softa Ball', there is no requirement to wear protective equipment other than Wicket Keeping Gloves and Batting Gloves (personal preference).

TWCL will be providing some protective equipment at each venue for those players wishing to use it each match. This equipment is to be returned to the coordinator at the end of each match.

7 / Are LBWs included in TWCL?

No. LBW is NOT used in TWCL. All other modes of dismissal apply.

8 / Are there bowling or batting restrictions in TWCL?

Yes. As described in the Rules for TWCL.

9 / Are there age or skill restrictions in TWCL?

The TWCL is open to women only, aged 16 and older.

It is recommended that players have some prior playing experience and/or understanding of cricket.

10 / Are there batting retirements?

Yes, players will retire their batting innings once they reach a prescribed number of balls or runs scored. This is to encourage as many players as possible to actively participate in their team's batting innings each game.

Please refer to the Rules for TWCL for more information.

11 / Are there coaches provided?

Coaches are not provided for the TWCL. There is no expectation of needing a coach.

Should a team wish to have a coach to assist them on gamedays, that is at their discretion.

12 / Are there Umpires and Scorers provided?

Yes, TWCL will provide professional umpires to officiate and manage matches each week. The umpires will be provided training and resources to E-score matches as they umpire or a pen and paper method will be used.

The batting team will need to supply a Square Leg Umpire for their innings. It will be recommended that this person is the next incoming batter with their bat and gloves.

13 / What day are matches on and when do they start?

TWCL Matchdays will be dependent on the location of the competition. 

Matches to start at 6pm and to be concluded by 7.30pm.

If we have a large competition and limited fields, we may look to schedule additional matches from 7.30-9pm under lights (where possible).

14 / What type of pitch is the TWCL played on and how long is the pitch?

TWCL matches are to be played on local council grounds with synthetic cricket wickets.

The pitch will be a slightly shorter than standard length for adults, 20.1m from stump to stump.

The stumps will be placed on the front crease (popping crease) at each end to create an approx. 18m pitch from stump to stump.

15 / Is there a uniform requirement for TWCL?

There is no requirement to wear a uniform and TWCL will not be providing clothing for players. It is highly encouraged that teams organise a coloured shirt to wear on match days.

TWCL is recommending that players do not wear whites or white coloured clothing as our match ball will be predominately white in colour.

16 / Have a question for us?
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